Friday, 27 June 2014

Summing up Santorini

Tommorow is our last day in stunning Santorini! We are sad to leave the beautiful cliff side villages of the island but i am sure there will be lots to goggle over on the next island-Crete.

June 25- Our beach day! We also had looked up a restauraunt on trip advisor which was called Katharo's Lounge and asked our kind receotionist at the hotel to book us a reservation. We took a bus to Fira and then to Oia and started to wander. It is a good thing we asked the locals because this place is definitely a hidden gem and unlikely to be found by the average tourist. Instead of cabbing like most people would, we took the mostly uphill
hike to get there. The views definitely made this hike worthy and after trying the food we were sold. We recommend it to anyone travelling to Santorini! we tried the Katharo's salad which had grilled chicken, peaches, greens, tomatoes and honey mustard vinegarette (delish!!), stuffed eggplant, spicy pork and creamy chicken and of course sangria to top it all off!!

Yesterday, june 26, we woke up much earlier than our usual starting time to board a boat which would take us to the volcano, the hot springs, the island of Thirissia and then of course a sunset in Oia. We also rode donkeys, not once but two times! Very strange experience... especially when i was not aware i was being photographed the whole time...makes for some lovely photos!

June 27- we visited some tradditional villages like Pyrgos and went to the open air cinema again!! We had three adorable pups following us through the whole tour.

Goodnight my friends!

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