Thursday, 12 June 2014

First day- Athens

After a tiring four hour flight followed by an even more exhausting ten hour flight, we have finally reached our destination. Since sleep was something of fairytales on the airplane, we were definately not ourselves and resembled walking zombies more than human beings. Although craving the comfy blankets of our bed, we decided to walk around the Plaka shopping area of Athens. This area is also very close to the Acropolis so we viewed it from afar. It really is amazing! I was lucky to walk through it last time I was in Greece. We spent a very long time on the train to get to this destination. Who knew the airport was so far from the popular tourist destination. I was happy that Mitch was able to catch up on his zzzzz's at this time but he also missed some of the "colorful" characters that boarded the train. The shopping area is riddled with shoe stores. Sometimes even 5 stores in a row.  We ate at the first restaurant in the area that we saw (the name i believe was Styka) and proceeded to wolf down shrimp spaghetti, mojitos, mango milkshakes, tzatsiki, and pork skewers. It was nothing fancy but we enjoyed it after being stuck with airport food for the last day and a half. As soon as we arrived back to our hotel we passed out on the and all!
Our next stop is Mykonos!

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