Thursday, 19 June 2014


While Mykonos was very rocky and desertlike, Paros island has orchards and hills. We arrived yesterday after taking the ferry. The ferry was very crowded and warm and overall not the most pleasant experience but then again we wern't expecting a luxory yacht either. We got picked up at the port by a bus full of other fellow tourists and were driven to our hotel. We drove further and further away from the port, dropping off passengers along the way until finally it was just us and rolling hills on either side of the vehicle. As we drove farther and farther away...not going to lie... we were slightly worried. Where is this guy taking us? Turns out our hotel is in quite a remote area not very close to anywhere. We arrived to a resort hotel boasting colors of yellow, blue and red and equipped with a swimming pool, gym, restaurant, and very poor wifi (sadface). With the start of our first whole day in Paros we took a taxi to Paroikia (there is no walking anywhere...). We drove through the hills until we reached our destination. It does not look like much at first glance but as you take a closer look you will see that the town is adorned with quaint restaurants near the beach with checkered tablecloths and friendly owners urging you to visit their restaurant, tiny local artisan shops selling clothing, jewelry and home decor (in contrast to the very expensive tourist and designer stores in Mykonos), and well lots of vehicle rental shops and convenience stores. On another note to the cat lovers out there: they have set up cat food in dishes throughout the town and also coin deposit machines to donate for the cats to be fed, fixed and given vaccinations. Compared to the skinny cats in Mykonos, the cats of Paros were very average sized and well fed. That is all for now my friends.
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