Sunday, 15 June 2014

Boats, views & kitties

ur day started with the desire to go to a beach called "Paradise Beach". Sounds lovely right? Well... we couldnt tell you because we didn't end up there... let me backtrack a little bit. We went to the boat dock and purchased our boat tickets for 5 euros each. We had an hour to spare so we had a nice breakfast..lunch?? a beach side restaurant. When our time came we boarded the tiny boat and sat beside a cute german family. The scenery was beautiful! We stopped at a beach and hopped off without even realizing that we got off at the wrong stop. Paradise beach is apparently a go-to stop so we were a little bummed we missed it. We made the most of it and enjoyed some drinks at a cafe. Afterwards we walked around. We noticed that the return boat (the one that was supposed to take us back to our beach still had not made an appearance. We decided to make the treck back on foot. mitch guessed that the whole walk would be about 90 mins... no way of telling for sure but it felt that long. It was extremely hot and 90% uphill. Good way to burn off those drinks we consumed earlier I suppose. On our treck we noticed how rocky Mykonos really was. As far as you could see there was rock, white houses spread far apart and the odd cacti. Rest in peace sweet kitten that we passed on the road. Sometimes the cars are a little too speedy around here...

Mitch and I finally made it back.. we thought we deserved another cocktail so we headed bavk down to our beach and sat by the water. There are so many cats around town. I love it !!

Right now we are in our hotel lobby watching the world cup on the big screen (better wifi down here ;) )

That is all for now..

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