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Sorry i have been slightly lazy and have been putting off this post... it is 1 am and i am sleepy so this will be short and sweet. Mitch & i arrived in Santorini last night around supper time to the very busy and small port in santorini. Santorini is very rocky and is a remnant of a volcanic caldera. Apparently it is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history. One of our bus drivers in Paros had told us, also, that the volcano is still active and you can take a boat to it still. We will look into this..

Our hotel, the Sunshine hotel, is located in a beach town by Kamari beach. The sand here is very black but the scenery and water are hard to resist. We quickly got to our room and made ourselves at home before heading down to our hotel's restaurant with the promise that they had a free drink for us. Hehe. The restaurant makes it 's own pasta and even has the pasta making device in front to show to passerbys. Obviously i had pasta... and a watermelon daquiri. By walking along the beach we soon discovered that there are soooo many restaurants to choose, each handing out business cards and trying to convince you to eat at their place.

Day 2 went like this:
- local bus to the city's capital Fira. This is where i had went before 2 years ago on a cruise with my mom. It is a bustling little town full of white stone buildings on the edge of the cadera. We found a really neat bead store and i found some new things for my jewelry creations. We ate lunch here and looked around before taking another bus to Oia.
- Oia is a scenic village on the north west part of the island. I have been told that it is often what you see when looking at pictures and postcards of Santorini. It is very beautiful and has the most amazing views. I am told also that the sunsets here are unbelievable. I will need to come back at sunset!!
- Thai food: we were very excited when we saw a thai restaurant called Kiwi. We got korean beef, green curry, and sushi. It seemed to have every type of asian specialty on the menu. It was nice to have something other than tzatsiki and greek  salad... even though i probably can eat those things everyday.
- Open air cinema: with the restricted television that is available we were very excited when we heard there was an open air cinema with a full bar. We watched the movie "Noah" and rather enjoyed it. We will be returning when they have a new movie playing. The whole atmosphere is worth going more than once no matter what the movie is.

Soo that was not short... but here are some photos to capture the day!

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