Saturday, 21 June 2014

Naousa, Paros

Today we took a taxi to the fishing town of Naousa. There are seaside restaurants and little shops selling items like clothing and jewelry and also a beautiful beach alongside many stark white newly painted hotels. We started the day off rather late as i somehow slept about 12 hours and found our way to a cafe selling waffles & crepes. After we enjoyed our delicious and probably not so nutritious breakfast we wandered throughout the small streets and into some of the shops. It is a sunny day with the perfect amount of breeze.
We plan to stay in this small town until supper. Every restaurant you see has seafood drying on a post and i can not leave without trying it!

Not too much to say as of right now but afterwards we plan on trying the homemade sangria we made back at the hotel along with some night time life size chess and maybe a greek or bollywood soap opera.


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