Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Crete is a very very large island when compared to the previous islands that we have visited. I think it may even be the largest of all of the islands if i am not mistaken. The landscape is very beautiful and covered in green rolling hills, trees and other plants. When we first arrived the cityscape of the port at which we arrived just did not do it for me. This is very much like most of the ports so i knew better than to judge it right away. At a closer glance you will notice beautiful architecture in some of the towns and how vast and green the land is. On our first day, we stayed close to the town that we were staying in -Hersonisos. Hersonisos is a very touristy town full of shops, restaurants and nice (but extremely crowded) beaches. We were happy to find out that our hotel included a free breakfast amd dinner buffet everyday! This is a plus when you have realized how much you
have spent on food alone over the last couple weeks. Also, very quickly we learned that Crete likely has more fur shops on the island than probably all of North America! On each short street we saw at least 5. We did our research and have learned that rich russian tourists come here to buy fur coats for cheaper than back home.... interesting...

Some other things we have done on Crete:
- fed the greek kitties (the kitties here seem more damaged and hurt than any other islands...pretty much every cat we saw had some sort of injury).
- fish spa- very strange feeling....
- cretaquarium- fun but seen one, seen them all.
- rented a car to Chania- best part in my opinion. We visited the old venetian part of town which, of course, was built by the venetians. It resembles Venice, Italy for that reason mentioned. They had some very nice shops and restaurants. We bought a turkish lamp, some pottery and textiles.

Onward to Rhodes tomorrow (our last island before Paris)

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