Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Mitch and i woke up early to take a boat tour to the ancient Delos. This was said to be the birth place of the gods Artemis (the goddess of hunting and gathering) and Apollo (god of the sun). Poisidon, god of the sea and also Zeus' brother, created the island by bringing it up from the sea. Leto, the mother of the twin deities, had an affair with Zeus and had become pregnant. Hera, Zeus' wife, was furious. Poisidon created the island because he took pity on Leto and knew she needed a safe place for her children to be born away from Hera's wrath.

Delos is now a UNESCO world heritage site. At one point in time there were many purifications that were executed to ensure that the island was "fit" for the proper worship of the gods. For one, it was ordered that nobody was allowed to die or give birth on the island. Because of this, nobody could claim the island because of inheritance. It was also ordered that all dead bodies be removed and so all the graves were dug up and transported to another island.

Nobody currently lives on the island except the guards and on some occasions scientists. Overall, it was well worth the trip!

Since we survived the day in the straight heat we decided we deserved icecream.....TWICE! We had been eyeing a gelato place since day 1 so we finally tried it. It was delicious if i must say! I got coconut, peach & stratchiatella. Couldn't decide on just one... while Mitch went with the tradditional Mitchell choice- banana and nutella. Once we finnished we somehow managed to find a nail salon. Street names dont mean a whole lot in this town...
The acrylic nails that i had gotten pre-wedding were painful to get off... so now i have it documented in writing the next time i think it is a good idea. Mitch was so excited about this long procedure that he fell asleep much to the amusement to the beauty salon greek women and myself. Haha!

By this point it was supper time. Mitch had his first cheat meal-pizza in a long time. He is not supposed to eat anything with yeast. I guess we will see how he is feeling tommorow. By the restaurant there was a momma cat nursing her baby kittens. This is one of my favourite parts of Greece- all of the cats!!

After supper came round 2 of icecream by the beach... Tommorow no junk food for me!!

Anyway i am done boring you! Goodnight!

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