Saturday, 14 June 2014

Beach day

As the title of this post suggests- today was a beach day! The name of the beach that is about a three minute walk from our hotel (Kamari hotel) is called Platis Gialos. The beach is lined with several different restaurants all of which are very welcoming and all excited to have customers. Mykonos is largely based on tourism and thus there are many many restaurants... making it very difficult to choose one. Many of the menus vary very little from one another so in the end all we cared about was a great view. We are definately still getting used to the greek pace of life. Back at home it takes very little time the momment you walk into a restaurant to the momment you leave...while here we usually stay in a restaurant 2-3 hours. They do not rush to get you your bill... we have waited an hour to get one of our bills. No worries though we are in no rush to be anywhere!

Anyway... back on the topic of "beach day". Essentially it was extremely hot!! We noticed that nudity is a common activity on this particular beach and women of all forms fully embrace it... even partaking in a beach photoshoot and shopping on the beach. Being from Canada this is not a common occurance and so we found it amusing. All the power to them! We paid for two of the sunbeds and enjoyed the better part of the day alternating between laying in the sun and taking a dip in the water. We wern't as diligent as we should've been so now i am a blonde blistering lobster.

After a day in the sun we headed back downtown for a late lunch and to stroll the beautiful pathways and shops. Its hard not to take a photo of every single colored door and pet all of the greecian cats! We had a nice late lunch at a cafe and enjoyed an icecream cone before the sun had taken it's toll on us and we headed back to the hotel for an aloe bath and a much needed nap!

We got our second wind around 9 pm and were ready for a late night supper. We headed down to the beach area and sat at the first restaurant with a beach side table available. We enjoyed fried zucchini, pita and tzatsiki and a nutella banana crepe and fruit juices! All complete with greek music and dancing and fireworks!

Photos of our day:

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