Friday, 13 June 2014


After the longest sleep my husband (still getting used to saying this... so weird..forgive me i am newly married) and I have ever had, we finally arrived at the land of endless restaurants, trendy shops and beautiful blue beaches! This place happens to go by the name of Mykonos. The islands are definately more our speed. As soon as we arrived the reception desk appeared to not have our hotel confirmation on file... we anxiously waited on the nearby couch until we were eventually welcomed back and handed the keys. The hotel room was simple yet beautiful... mostly because of the turquoise shade of the sheets and the contrast of the white walls. After admiring our hotel we headed down to the beach and sat down at the first restaurant we could find. We enjoyed greek salad, stuffed peppers and seafood souvlaki and washed it down with amazing watermelon juice. I could literally drink this juice all day! We then took a bus ride downtown and i took endless photos of beautiful doors. You can get lost in all the beautiful alleys and be perfectly content. So many little shops and.restaurants to venture too with so little time... after our evening downtown we headed back to the first restaurant we had tried by the beach with the promise of enjoying a "greek night". This consisted of greek music and dancing and well... the occassional "opa!" and consistent clapping of hands. All in all a good day in Mykonos!

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