Saturday, 21 June 2014


Yesterday was spent on the turquoise sea. Mitch and I woke up a whole lot earlier than we were used to (7 am!!) and boardered a boat that took us around the island of Antiparos, an island near Paros. One of our captains or crew leaders was from Egypt and spoke 5 languages. Our boat mainly consisted of middle aged french couples who loved to sing in french and drink ouzo. It was all very scenic and beautiful and any pictures or words i choose to use to convince you will not work in my favour. The winds made the boat very rocky which in turn made us quite nauseus but we stuck it out none the less. We made a pitstop near the beginning where you had the option to stop and snorkel. We opted out because of the cold winds and instead took photos of the view and relaxed in the sun. Later we stopped at an isolated beach and Mitch and I looked for unique rocks to use in my jewelry making while the boat crew barbequed a delicious lunch of pork souvlaki, greek salad, potatoes and tzatsiki dip with bread. On the way back to Paros we stopped in a little town in Paros where we shopped and explored. Not many shops were open as many close during the day for siesta. It was a very cute town full of cafes and shops and beautiful ceramics. We wish we had more time there!
Anyways, Mitch is getting bored so i must end this post now... more to come another time!
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