Sunday, 20 July 2014


Marseille is the second largest city in France aside from Paris with a very large population. As avid market goers and rather competant shoppers, we have also noticed that lavender and soap can be bought almost anywhere and in rather large quanities. If i like you enough, you may find that you will too receive some aromatic soap from the region... we will see if i am capable of sharing...

Our hotel, while is in a slightly shady area, is rather nice and close to the port where there are many restaurants. We have learned to eat during the accustomed french eating times between 12 and 2 and after 7. Between these times the only things available are crepes and ice cream. While many would not think possible, it is entirely so to become sick of nutella after 6 weeks of indulging in the addicting spread.

On our second day in this city we had a tour arranged and enjoyed visiiting the town of Aix. We got to see some intricate medieval mansions and cathedrals and stroll the cobblestone paths. We had a few hours to eat lunch and enjoy the market with items ranging from fruit, cheese, bread and seafood to flowers and baskets to records, clothing and antiques. We even marvelled in trying some new flavours of macarons. They had some peculiar ones like dilled salmon and foie gras that we didn't dare try at the time and went with our favourites like salted caramel and lemon instead.

That is all for now friends. Our journey is almost complete...

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