Thursday, 10 July 2014


Bonjour !
We have been extremely busy in Paris. There is just so much to see and do that we have been using every waking hour to do and see as much as we can. Vacationing in Paris is quite different than in Greece. For one, Paris is a large city with large intricate buildings and monuments and well...rain and the Greek islands are known for their quaint villages, fishing
Ports and beaches and everyday was very very warm! Both countries require lots of walking! We love both countries very much.
Here is a recap of what we have been doing in the city of love

Day 1:
Mitch and I checked into our hotel which is located right by the Arc de triumphe and the Champs de Elysses (high end shopping many ladies have given me bag i would love a chanel purse.. ). We walked up the street until we came upon Laduree (famous for it's macarons) we ate supper there and got macarons to go.

Day 2:
I dragged Mitch out of bed early to head to a breakfast joint called Claus. It is kind of hidden and took awhile to find but was well worth it. Little did we know how much food would be put in front of us. We started with freshly squeezed juice and a coffee,, followed by a basket of pastries and bread. Our main course was eggs and bacon
then came muesli with homemade yogurt and lemon cake. We wrapped up the lemon cake as a snack for later. After our delicious breakfast we went down to the famous Louvre Museum. It is huge!! At first i did not think i could convince Mitch to go. The line weaved in and around the building and looked as if it were 7 hours long. Luckily it was under an hour long and well worth the wait. After the Louvre we went shopping for some new clothing and shoes. We were not prepared for the weather in Paris! After our big day of waiting in lines and shopping we were very tired and rewarded ourselves with a very unhealthy supper- Croque Madam (cheese and ham toast with an egg on top) and a french hot dog (hot dog in a baguette with tons of cheese!). Our very busy night ended with a movie at the cinema where they laughed that we were going to see an american movie in France.... haha whoops...

Day 3:
Our day started in what they call Old Paris- Le Marais. Mitch and i walked in and around the unique shops, cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture. There happened to be an outdoor market in the area which I was very excited about. All the fruit, cheese, vegetables, seafood and bread you could ever want! We bought some raspberries and strawberries to snack on and a fresh peach, mango, orange juice. Afterwards we made our way to the Notre Dame. Words can not describe how beautiful this building is. I did not even bother trying to convince him to stand in line for this one. This wont be my last time in Paris i am sure! Mitch and i then got dresses up and headed to the Eiffel Tower restaurant where we had reservations. It is amazing to be back to the place where we got engaged, on our honeymoon.

Good night !

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