Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nice, France

Getting to Nice was quite a whirlwind. First of all, the day we left Paris just so happened to be Bastille Day, probably the largest holiday in France. We just so happened to be leaving at exactly the same time that everyone was coming to watch the parade on the Champs de Elysees. Trying to manouever our luggage down and up the stairs of the metro through hoards of people was a story in itself. We managed somehow with all of our luggage and found our way to the train station where we were pretty clueless having never been on one. We got on one of the carriages only to discover we got in the wrong one. A french man was yelling at us to get going because the train was leaving in two minutes and we still had far to go. We bustled out of there and ran as fast as anyone could with that much luggage, and found our way to our seats. Somewhere in the midst of that situation Mitch had found both my wallet and.passports on the ground of the first carriage. We are increidibly lucky that he noticed them!!

We made our way to Nice safe and sound where we spent the first day and a half at leisure.
Our hotel is close to all the restaurants, the shops and the beach. The weather has been great! Yesterday we took a tour to Monoco, Eze, the medieval village of St.Paul, Antibes and Cannes. It was a great way to see the french riviera in a short amount of time.

Today is our last day in Nice!

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