Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Rhodes was our last stop in Greece and probably one of my favourite islands. It is the only one that we visited that is not part of the Cyclades. We stayed neared Old Town which is full of medieval buildings, tourist shops and restaurants. Our hotel was right next to the beach which is covered in brightly colored umbrellas. It was a very windy island. Probably even more so than Santorini which can be known for heavy winds! Most of our days we spent wandering old town and the beach. We found a local family restaurant called Tanam which we frequented a few times. I definitely recommend it to anyone going to Rhodes. They are suvh a wonderful group of people and have amazing food!! On our second last day we took a day trip to Marmaris Turkey. We were very excited to leave the islands of Greece for a day to explore a new country. In Marmaris we visited a gold store, a rug store, a bazaar and a turkish delight factory. All in all it made for a great but expensive day!

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